LeClerc T5

Manufacturer: ADV Mini

By Ludovic Bertrand.

These are some step in the building of the LECLERC kit that I do follow:

Remove all the casting blocks from the various parts.

At this stage I use paper tissue and maskol to mask the running gear before paint. I then assemble the turret minus the commander hatch, the figure and the rear storage box and basket.

Paint the commander station hole flat black and mask it.

The parts are then painted green XF 5. DO NOT USE THE LATEST TAMIYA NATO GREEN as it does not fit the french original colour. XF 5 with a wash of black oil paint gives a perfect colour.

Then I apply the camouflage of black and brown (you can use the TAMIYA NATO brown or the mix I recomend). Do not forget the commander hatch exterior face camouflage.

When the paint is cured, remove all the masking and finish the kit. The antennae are painted Humbrol 163 as are the antennae bases. The grenade launcher caps are satin black. The fire extinguisher and the decontamination bottle located near the front lights are Humbrol 163, the decontamination bottle is on the right side and has a yellow rectangular marking area on it. The fire extinguisher is aft of the left lights and has white markings. The exhaust pipe is black with silver dots to represent the paint wear, the top collar is silver on the outside. The wind sensor has a black tip.

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