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16 October 2016:

  • Peter van Lune has the following announcement to make:

    " If all goes well, by December/January my book about the history of the FROG PENGUIN range will be published and available. The book will have about 200 pages and about the same number of color/bw photos. FROG, as you may know, was started in 1932 by Charles and John Wilmot, with Joe Mansour. My book has been written with the aid and cooperation of Avril Bardoni, daughter of Charles, and Jeremy Manser, son of Joe. I have also been very fortunate with the help of Richard Lines, co-author of the magnificant book on FROG published in 1989 - currently 89 years old but still going strong. He helped me answering many questions and providing documents, etc. The book will contain many unpublished photos, documents, etc. and all the advertisements I could find relating to the Penguin range. "

10 May 2010:

  • Ian Hanratty (Wee Friends / Friendship Models) has the following announcement to make:

    "Due to an increasing demand from customers around the country we will be hosting our next traders fayre this weekend at the Landsdowne Suite at
    the Premier Inn, Parkhouse Road, Carlisle, CA3 0HR (M6 junction 44) England.

    The following Traders are attending.
    The Aviation and Military Book Centre.
    Cammett Ltd.
    Friendship Models.
    Military Modelcraft International and Scale Aircraft Modelling.

    For a very friendly and relaxed event with a great selection of books, model kits, accessories and an Airbrushing workshop by Cammett Ltd.(Please bring along your own Airbrush for tips and advice).
    This is the second of these events that we, are hosting the first one at Bathgate in December was a great success, and the help and advice from the chaps at Cammett is well worth the visit.
    The full times and dates are as follows.
    12.03.10 Friday 4 to 9pm.
    13.03.10 Saturday 9am to 6pm.
    14.03.10 Sunday 9am to 1pm."

3 April 2009:

  • According to the Propaganda Kompany web page (, they will be ceasing production of their 1/72 scale AFV resin kits by the end of 2009. Stocks will be allowed to deplete and no new castings will be made.

19 January 2009:

  • Academy: Limited edition of the M1126 Stryker bundled with resin detail parts from Legend.