Tiger I Late by Marc Mercier
Manufacturer: Revell  

This is a model of the 205, used by Michael Wittmann in the spring of 44 in France. The white numbers on the turret were sprayed on using a Stencil it PE set. The red was hand painted (using in fact an orange, to have a weathered effect). I know there is some controversy regarding the colour, but I opted for red. The Balkenkreuz was also sprayed on using Tamiya tape so I could glue the track cables over them. Weathering was done first using an orange filter, later raw umber pin wash. Next scratches were added with thinned oils colours, later accentuated with acrylics. Finally oil streaks, some of them in gloss varnish. Figures are converted from Preiser and were first painted in Humbrol, later shaded with oils. Accessories on the ground and the ladder were either scratch build or came from my leftovers box.
I made a partial interior, since I intended to leave all the hatches open. This includes the gun breech, commanders seat, drivers compartment... etc.
I superdetailed a lot of things on this model, such as the towing cable and the track cables. Added missing detail like the Nachverteidigungswaffen, the turret ventilator etc were scratch build. The PE exhaust deflectors from Part were far too big and had to be adapted to fit this kit.

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