KV-1 Nomenclature by Doug Chaltry
25 June 2002 email: doug(at)ontheway.us
After recently purchasing the KV-85 and KV-122 kits from PST, I read with barely contained enthusiasm about their planned future KV-1 releases. In the instructions for these kits, they have included drawings of all their planned KV-1 releases, and I noticed that the naming convention used in the instructions, differed from that which I was used to seeing. The only reference book I currently own on the KV series of tanks is the Osprey New Vanguard No. 17, KV-1 & 2 Heavy Tanks 1941-1945, by Steve Zaloga.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings when discussing the available kits, I decided to provide a cross-reference table, showing the different naming conventions for these vehicles. Notice that the PST KV-1C is not the same vehicle as the earlier, and now out-of-production, ESCI KV-1c.

Anybody with additional naming schemes for the KV-1 is encouraged to submit them for inclusion on this table.

Osprey New Vanguard PST ESCI
KV-1 Model 1939 KV-1 n/a
KV-1 Model 1940 KV-1A n/a
KV-1 Model 1941, Welded Turret KV-1B n/a
KV-1 Model 1941, Cast Turret n/a KV-1c
KV-1 Model 1941, Uparmored, Welded Turret KV-1 Strengthened Armor n/a
KV-1 Model 1942, Uparmored, Cast Turret KV-1C n/a
KV-1 Applique Armor (KV-1E) KV-1E n/a
KV-1S KV-1S n/a
<<Under Construction>>    
KV-85 Al.By Complete kit.
KV-122 Al.By Complete kit.
KV-1a Al.By Complete kit.
KV-1b Commander Series (OOP) Turret
KV-85 Commander Series (OOP) Turret
KV-1S Leva Complete kit
KV-85 Leva Complete kit
KV-85/IS-1 Leva Turret
KV-2 Wespe Models Complete kit
KV-2 Model 1939 Commander Series (OOP) Turret
KV-2 Model 1939 ARMO Conversion.
KV-2b Al.By Complete kit.
KV-2 Al.By (OOP) Conversion for ESCI
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