The Nashorn & Hummel Project Community Page
Last Updated: 06 February 2010  
In late October 2000, a question was raised on the Missing Links Discussion group - Braille Scale, about the best way to convert the ESCI Hummel into a Nashorn. This single question initiated one of the most interesting discussions the board had seen in several months.

One result of the discussion was a suggestion to start a "community conversion project" where anybody interested could contribute their own individual efforts at attempting this conversion. The idea of the project grew to include not only Nashorn conversions, but also super-detailing projects for the Hummel as well. Hence, the development of this page.

This site will have multiple parts. Since this is the opening version of the page, it will be very slim pickings until I get around to adding everything I want to add, and the contributions start to flow in.

Vehicles Background Information
Book Reviews
On-line Sources
Contributed Material
1/72nd Scale
1/76th Scale


Since this is a community page, I am asking for contributions of all types in all categories. Of course, all contributions will be fully credited.

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