Correcting the Dragon C2 Pt-1 by Simon Barnes
24 Nov2006  

I have replaced the original article with this one, although the first article corrected the fault with the kit hull, it didn't correct it fully or correctly. After a lot of further investigation and studying hundreds of photos and with the help of the C2 drawings in the Tankette magazine by Andrew Crutchley, I have finally worked out where the problem with the Dragon hull lie.

In the first article I identified the problem as being with the engine deck, in that it was too long, this is still true.

the old corrected and uncorrected hulls

The Dragon wheel problem still exists, although it can not be corrected the same way as in the first article, due to the fact that in this article there is no loss of length in the hull as in the first article. For the lower hull and the correct wheel spacing I used the lower hull from the Revell Challenger, this is by far the easiest option, as correcting the Dragon hull would still require the same cuts but also some adding to the spacing. Some may say why not use the Revell hull as well ? the reason is that there are too many differences between the two hulls, the picture below shows the major differences.

The Identified problem with the hull, is as said the length of the engine deck, this has to be shortened as in the first article but the cut away plastic has to be replaced somewhere in the hull, I will now show you where !.

The Hull Cuts

The picture shows the cuts that need to be made (the red lines) the Blue shaded area is the part that needs cutting away.

The blue shaded area need to be replaced in the area shown by the green line below.

This is the what it looks like after the cuts have been made.

You can see that I have removed some of the Gun Bump stop and saved it so that I can put it back when the mods have been done.

After the changes have been made the hull will fit the Revell hull, of course the Revell rear plate needs to be modified for the C2 or you can try to fit the Dragon rear plate to the Revell hull, I went the road of changing the Rear plate of the Revell kit, which I will show in Part 2.

Before Going on to Part two, I just want to mention the turret of the Dragon kit that also needs modifying mainly on the rear of the turret but there are also other changes that should be made. the following pictures show the changes made which I will go into more detail in Pt-2.

Part 2

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