Adding Grooves to ESCI Wheels by Alan Mede
31 May 2005  
This is the way I add a groove to the Esci double wide tank wheels. I use a piece of steel bar stock, (it also makes a useful little anvil) two vice grips, a model saw blade and what ever is lying around to get the correct height. For a groove wider then the thickness of the saw blade, adjust the height slightly after you saw once around all of the wheels. The height can be adjusted with shims made from 10 thou plastic card. That is the white bits under the grips in the second picture. I slowly rub the wheel against the blade as I turn it. Sometimes I put a thin strip of masking tape along the blade to judge how deep the grove is getting.

A little cleanup with some fine sandpaper and the detail is done. There are 10 wheels on the T-62 and it took about half an hour to set this up and do all of them.

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